Wayne Clements (2010)

Banks are too big to fail. Arts organisations aren't.
Arts Council plans for cuts of up to 30%:

"The DCMS has... asked the biggest arts organisations to provide models of how they would implement cuts of 25-30% over four years, and what the effects would be. Arts Council England, which receives £445m to give out to 850 organisations around the country, has warned that it would have to stop funding for at least 200 organisations."
Source: The Guardian, 20th July 2010.

cuts_test keeps watch on the effects of funding cuts. It does this using 'ping' (an automated computer check on whether a website is responding). If the art organisation is online, cuts_test will highlight their logo and report its result. If it fails, it will report this and replace the logo with a blank.


Wayne Clements is a visual artist and a writer living in London.
cuts_test's companion piece is corps_checker (2008).

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